Friday, April 3, 2009

Does intelligence come from the brain? The Intelligentia

Does intelligence come from the brain or is it from a source outside of the human body? How is it that some are able to invent and introduce new ideas that they have never experienced? Where is the seat of intelligence that is guiding mankind towards evolution and discoveries?

If two identical twins are born of the same parents, eat the same food, dress the same way, and grow up in the same environment, attend the same schools and had the same teachers and friends, will their intelligence be the same? The answer by observation is clearly no, for they will grow expressing different levels of intelligence, no matter how identical the physical factors they are exposed to. So we rule out the fact that intelligence comes from the environment.

Several students may sit in the same classroom and be exposed to the same lecture, by the same teacher, yet each student will filter out what they hear and see and express different degree of knowledge and understanding of the same subject. Are all men and women created equal in our rights of intelligence, or are some given more than the others?

Some say cultural differences and prior experience have something to do with the variation of the degree of intelligence among us, but clearly this is not the case for identical twins with similar culture and upbringing express different degrees of intelligence.

Science informs us that the mind has a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, each performing different functions. The conscious mind directs what we do consciously, example a person sitting decides to stand up and walk. This is considered an active conscious decision of the person’s mind which gives instructions to the brain, hands, and feet to get up and walk. It is the will of the individual that directs the conscious mind of the person.

The subconscious mind on the other hand directs all activities that we cannot control. Example, the subconscious mind directs the heart beat, directs the blinking of the eye, directs the perspiration of the body; basically, the subconscious mind maintains all the unconscious activities of the body. But even with the two minds it still does not account for the intelligence of human beings, for the conscious and subconscious mind basically maintain the activities of the body and what we do and how we react to stimulus from our environment.

Having considered these few examples, it can be deduced that the source of intelligence is neither from the culture, race, environment, experience, conscious mind, or subconscious mind. However, these play a role in how the source of intelligence is filtered out and expressed through the individual.
To get to the source of intelligence let us go back to the beginning of creation, for we are told God created us in his image. In this statement is the clue of the source of intelligence for to be created in the image and likeness of God, can also infer that that creator has linked his mind to our mind in some way. The human body and brain is simply the flesh through which the intelligence flows, but the source is coming from the divine plain.

The creator being all wise made provisions by which the mind of man can evolve and be able to improve our environment. The source of intelligence has it’s root from the Elohim that created that race, it is then passed down to the archangel of that race, who then disseminates the knowledge through the guardian angel of the person or physical body that the angel governs. The human mind cannot conceive of a single new idea of it’s own, neither is the human brain the source of anything new on our planet for all comes from the spiritual plain whether they are good or bad. Our thoughts and ideas come from the spiritual plain, more specifically through the channel of the angels, for another name for an angel is INTELLIGENCE, or INTELLIGENTIA. In a poem titled ‘WE ARE NATURE”, I referred to the angels as THE BEINGS OF MIND. As human beings we assume we have free will, but our free will is actually only limited to the past not to anything new. A person can only repeat past actions, but every new thought comes from the spiritual plain. Once it is introduced to us, we may then modify and adapt it to our environment. Albert Einstein did not originate the formula of relativity or mass, neither has any scientist originated a single new idea from their brain. What we introduce is what we are allowed to know through the chain of angels. God is always in control, and no one invents anything new without permission from above. We may invent small mechanical devices here and there that are temporary and fade, stemming from past experiences and trial and error but nothing of major influence such as the Einstein formula.

As we invest our resources into science and inventions we may also invest some of our resources to explore the source of intelligence that may better guide us towards medicine and inventions that may be constructive to our planet. The angels know the way to God, the angels know how we were created, the angels existed before our planet was created, the angels are immortal. The angels know more about nuclear science than we will ever get to know on that subject in ten thousand years. The angels know more about healing and medicine than we can ever get to know in twenty thousand years. The angels know more about mathematics and science in general than we can fathom or conjecture from our brains in thirty thousand years. Could you imagine the intelligence a being will gather if the person were to be immortal and live for millions of years? We may not be able to see God face to face to ask him questions, but we can gather knowledge from the angels. It is written somewhere that to gain knowledge directly from one’s guardian angel is the ultimately quest of spirituality. It is the individual guardian angel of the person that accounts for the differences of what is transmitted to the individual, for in here is the differences between twins. Albert Einstein was able to introduce the formula of relativity through the pathway of the archangel Michael, the prince of the warrior angels when mankind was in need of a weapon to neutralize a bad situation. One example is enough to explain the rest.

BARAKATA.... May blessing be upon you.
Ken Nunoo